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 Since I was a child, I have pursued the purpose of my life, and I found it through the practice of yoga. I started practicing in 2010 while studying Fashion Design  in Monterrey, Mexico. For a few years, I practiced on and off, slowly noticing the positive changes it brought to me.

In 2014, I moved to Boston and joined a local yoga studio where I started practicing every day. As I connected with my breath and physical body while holding asanas, I discovered that I could access my emotional trauma and release stagnant energy. I became fascinated with this process and felt motivated to deepen my practice and start teaching yoga to those who, like me, wanted to use yoga as a life healing process.


 I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in Boston in 2015, as well as various short trainings for hands-on assists. This was followed by a 200-hour Forrest Yoga Foundation training in Berlin in 2017. Since then, I have continued to deepen my practice by first being a student, with the purpose to create a safer and more inclusive space for those who join my classes. In March 2018, I took a Reiki training in Boston, which has enabled me to connect with my students on a subtle level, as well as to do one-to-one sessions.

 During the challenging period of the Covid pandemic, from 2020 to 2021, I was happy and grateful to reconnect with my community and continue my journey by taking a 88-hour Forrest Yoga Mentorship in Berlin, further expanding my knowledge and skills. Additionally, I pursued a Bodywork training in Rome. Each of these trainings, and the incredible teachers and communities I encountered along the way, are very meaningful to me, in the journey of seeking and connecting with my own truth as an individual, practitioner, and teacher

 My teaching is inspired by Forrest Yoga, created by a master yogini and fierce woman, Ana Forrest. I also incorporate Buddhist philosophy, which resonated with me deeply after practicing different religions and reading about various beliefs and philosophies. Both yoga and Buddhism teach how to act with awareness, embrace the human experience, and live in the present moment.

Connecting with people's souls is something I love, and I believe that vulnerability is the most precious and brave way one can live during this life experience. Therefore, I'm committed to opening myself up and creating a safe space where everyone is welcome to be as they are.


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